Ad Infinitum is relaunching! Having previously been high ranking raiding guild, we had a long break since 2012.
We’re back and we’re looking for fresh people to bolster our team! The guild has been newly formed on Draenor EU with a core of experienced players and good people.

Our goal is to build a group of players who raid as a team, focusing on progression in a friendly and fun atmosphere. We will consider all applications regardless of current needs. Our goal is to build a team to get into Mythic as soon as we’re able to. Of course and at least for now, we are not after ranking at all, but instead, all that matters is to have fun! After all that’s what gaming is about!


What we expect from you

1) A healthy raid environment. Being able to work well with your teammates is important to us.
2) To show respect towards one another as well as yourself.
3) Profound Knowledge of your spec/class/role.
4) Basic experience of the recent raids.

What you can expect from us

1) A healthy and fun raiding environment.
2) Respect and help towards our raiders.
3) An organized push for progress on each tier with our goal being to get higher progress on every consecutive tier.


Wednesday – 19:45-23:00 Server Time
Thursday – 19:45-23:00 Server Time
Sunday – 19:45-23:00 Server Time

Contact the team

CARRiED_tv#0128 (Discord)
SirDumle#2727 (Discord)

Our Discord Server:
Apply here: